Tips to make your turbo engines live longer!

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·Regular oiling — Turbochargers consist of moving parts that spin at high speed. This requires regular flow of lubricant to keep them moving swiftly without jams. This also helps in reducing the wear and tear. The importance of engine oil can be seen in the fact that most of the high-end turbo systems have a special oil reservoir which circulates oil through the turbo. If you want your turbochargers to perform well for longer, it’s essential to change the oil after every 5000 miles. You can also replace it with fully synthetic oil that suits the best for your engine.

·Warming up the engine— Engine oil tends to get cold if it’s unused. It takes time for the oil to get thin and flow freely near the engine bay. If you start the engine at a fast speed suddenly, these parts get prone wear and tear early, because of the sudden pressure and stress on them. So, every time you start to drive, especially when it’s a turbo, remember that the engine oil is cold and it needs some amount of warming up. Pressing the accelerator aggressively for speeding up may release a huge amount of strain on the oil pump which gets affected to spread out the oil around the engines parts). Thick oil also stays ineffective in perfectly lubricating moving parts; this can eventually lead to issues in the turbo system.

·Never overdo than the desired limit of the turbo — Having a turbo system in your car can be exhilarating, but it has its limits. Especially, on most economical cars. This is the reason you have to be precisely aware of your limits of using the same, so that you don’t over do it and get it strained easily. It’s always wise not to stab the accelerator more and instead give the turbo some chance to move on its speed freely and accelerate sparingly to regulate the speed. Though turbos are long lasting and hardly show any complaints, but aggressive driving is one thing that can raise problems in its system.

·Using of gears to overtake — As we all know turbo gives power to all kinds of engines. Still you shouldn’t rely totally upon it for everything. Downshifting during overtaking is needed sometimes. Whether it’s a long highway ride or a swift road experience, usage of gears along with the turbo will help you get a long lasting turbocharged engine with better performance.

·Cooling the engine after driving — As the car performs faster with the turbo, it gets heated a lot due to it. This obviously need some time to cool down. If you turn off the engine immediately after driving, it leads to the heat boil into the turbo system and building up of carbon particles. This leads to corrosion and premature wear and tear of the engine. It’s recommended to keep the engine running for a few minutes before turning the ignition off. This would release the excessive heat and hence the above issue can be avoided.

Your turbocharged engines can cost you loads. If you want to enjoy its benefits for a longer time and want your car to take advantage of the same for long, it’s wiser to take into consideration the above pointers. This will ensure a faster and better performance of the vehicle for too long.

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