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Development Capability

 Product design and development
>  Customized design
>  Reverse Engineering
>  Failure analysis
>  Design verification

Test Capability

>  Turbocharger efficiency stand test
>  Bearing reliability Test
>  Parts durability test
>  Material metallurgy analysis

Incoming Material Inspection

>  CMM Dimension Check

>  Material Tests by Spectrograph, Roncorder,Roughmeter, MetalSpectrum Analyzer...


>  Turbine wheel: material 42CrMo(K418 Nickel -based superalloy good comprehensive performance 

    900 ℃ , good casting performance and stability.

>  Casting Compressor wheel:  material is C355 of aluminum alloy , uses the low pressure casting process

>  Turbine housing: Material HT-Si-Mo ductile iron turbine housing better heat resistance.

>  Compressor housing:Material is ZL101,ZL104  good mechanical properties and good casting properties.

>  Bearing housing:  Material is HT250good mechanical strength

Quality Tests

>  Impeller and Shaft Wheel by Shenck blance

>  CHRA by Turbotechnicks UK VSR balancer

>  Flow eifficiency by CIMAT

>  Performance comparing turbine and compressor MAP by Gas Stand Bed

Supplier Management

>  Suppliers must meet the demands: TS16949 quality system. 

>  Suppliers must be the same as other international famous turbo manufacturers, 

>  for example Honeywell, Borgwarner, Holset, MHI and IHI etc.

>  Supplier technical improvements

>  Turboray requirements that suppliers must have the pioneering strength in their respective fields to 

>  meet the high-end applications of the future market. Closely follow the Kensupplies’s development pace in material applications, process improvement, and product structure optimization.

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